How I fell in love with Vancouver


In the Fall of 2011, I spent the 4 best months of my life living in Vancouver, studying at the University of British Columbia. I walked down University Boulevard to do my weekly groceries at Save on Foods, I went nuts every Wednesday at the Pit, I stuffed my face with glorious poutine on Granville Street, and ate amazing food till my stomach was about to explode on Granville Island. Here’s how you fall in love with Vancouver in 7 easy steps. Continue reading


Extreme Hoarders: Souvenir Edition


These are Tom Haverford’s (Parks & Recreation) wise words. Hi, my name is Yasmine and I hoard memorabilia like there’s no tomorrow. I’m no hoarder in the Leslie Knope sense of the word, but throughout my years of traveling I have collected my fair share of plane tickets, maps, postcards, and entry tickets to a wide variety of parks and landmarks. However, when it comes to souvenirs, I’m not one to buy a T-shirt, two keychains, five pairs of socks, and 30 postcards in every place I visit. I’d rather come back from a trip with 2 or 3 souvenirs that actually mean something to me. Here’s my 5 favorite souvenirs that I have brought back from all over the world.

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