The Bare Essentials: 5 unmissable carry-on items

If only I’d look as cool as Kanye wearing my carry-ons.

Apparently many of you were interested to read my personal 5 unmissable backpacking items so I decided you voyeurists might enjoy another intrusion on my personal life and learn about the 5 things that I always carry with me on flights. Whether it’s a one-hour trip to London or two twelve-hour flights to Australia (cue horrified shudders), I will never get on a plane without these 5 personal holy grails.

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Sunday musings: Tolkien Tourism in New Zealand

I like to spend my Sundays fascinating about spectacular destinations I’ll visit in the future. This week’s protagonist of my Sunday musings: New Zealand.

New Zealand

Honesty hour: I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fangirl. When I was 14, I watched The Fellowship of the Ring with my cousins during a particularly long Christmas day. We got so into it that after those 3 hours that we decided to immediately follow it up with The Two Towers. Of course, after that, we were so far down the rabbit hole that we couldn’t do anything other than finishing off the spectacular day of nerdism with The Return of the King. As we were reduced to a tired, sleepy, and blubbering mess when Frodo said goodbye to Sam, I realized that I had lost my heart to yet another fantasy series (at this point, I was already unhealthily obsessed with Harry Potter).

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Counting down the days till the USA


It’s been 2 years since I set foot on American soil. That is a deplorably long time. So when my boss announced that I was to attend Book Expo America in New York City at the end of May (more detailed post to follow), it was the perfect opportunity to make a two-week trip out of it. The picture above was taken before the Reflecting Pool in DC was renovated, when I was still at university and had long, blonde hair – a long, long time ago. It’s time for an updated version of it.

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Things I have learned about traveling in the USA

USA flag

Don’t we all fantasize about a road trip across America? Taking a stroll down the Walk of Fame or Fifth Avenue; eating the best burgers in the world; driving through Monument Valley at sunset. It sounds like nothing short of a dream. But after 9 road trips across America and visiting 36 states, there are some things that I would like to share with you and anyone who is contemplating a trip to the United States of Fucking Awesome.

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