Travel bucket list of a geek

As a self-proclaimed geek who spends her days watching Marvel movies, debating Sherlock theories, binge-watching Game of Thrones, and re-reading Harry Potter, it should come as no surprise that I have developed my own geeky bucket list involving costume-clad celebrities, Hobbit-sized film sets, and the Iron Throne.

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Sunday musings: Tolkien Tourism in New Zealand

I like to spend my Sundays fascinating about spectacular destinations I’ll visit in the future. This week’s protagonist of my Sunday musings: New Zealand.

New Zealand

Honesty hour: I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fangirl. When I was 14, I watched The Fellowship of the Ring with my cousins during a particularly long Christmas day. We got so into it that after those 3 hours that we decided to immediately follow it up with The Two Towers. Of course, after that, we were so far down the rabbit hole that we couldn’t do anything other than finishing off the spectacular day of nerdism with The Return of the King. As we were reduced to a tired, sleepy, and blubbering mess when Frodo said goodbye to Sam, I realized that I had lost my heart to yet another fantasy series (at this point, I was already unhealthily obsessed with Harry Potter).

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