Travel bucket list of a geek

As a self-proclaimed geek who spends her days watching Marvel movies, debating Sherlock theories, binge-watching Game of Thrones, and re-reading Harry Potter, it should come as no surprise that I have developed my own geeky bucket list involving costume-clad celebrities, Hobbit-sized film sets, and the Iron Throne.

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Extreme Hoarders: Souvenir Edition


These are Tom Haverford’s (Parks & Recreation) wise words. Hi, my name is Yasmine and I hoard memorabilia like there’s no tomorrow. I’m no hoarder in the Leslie Knope sense of the word, but throughout my years of traveling I have collected my fair share of plane tickets, maps, postcards, and entry tickets to a wide variety of parks and landmarks. However, when it comes to souvenirs, I’m not one to buy a T-shirt, two keychains, five pairs of socks, and 30 postcards in every place I visit. I’d rather come back from a trip with 2 or 3 souvenirs that actually mean something to me. Here’s my 5 favorite souvenirs that I have brought back from all over the world.

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