An unexpected new life

“We have decided that we’ll be terminating your contract.”

Wednesday, 2 weeks ago, 5PM. I was about to leave work when my boss called me into his office and spoke these words. I’ve since repeated those words at least 5 million times in my head.

Unexpectedly, because there was absolutely no valid reason for them firing me. Fortunately, because I had already been looking for a different job for over a month. Circumstances weren’t ideal. This was the nudge I needed to get my shit together and move on to a new life. A better life. With a job I actually loved and left me feeling good about myself, complete. But I never could’ve guessed that merely a week later, I’d find the job I’d always been looking for.


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5 Movies to Rekindle Your Wanderlust

It’s that time of the year where your big summer trip is so close you can almost taste it, but not close enough for you to start packing your suitcase just yet. In these times of anxiety and need, I often find myself watching movies that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of vacation, nature, being on the road, and generally having fun in a new place. Here are my 5 favorite movies that never fail to rekindle my wanderlust.

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