The 5 books that left a hole in my heart

Some books are just a wild roller coaster ride from start to finish – they reach inside of you and mess with your soul. Others have a massive plot twist at the ending that comes out of nowhere and hits you like a freight train and leaves you shattered. There have been many books that left me dazed, confused and frankly just plain upset. Here are 5 of them.

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Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home

It has been exactly 3 years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 premiered in London. “It All Ends Here”, as Warner Brothers advertised it. But for me, it hasn’t ended.

I remember that day fondly. I remember attending the midnight premiere. I remember the elated screams and applause when Molly finally killed Bellatrix. The loaded silence as Severus Snape took his last breaths. I remember the tears that were shed during the red carpet event on Trafalgar Square in London, as millions of fans around the world were live streaming the event. I remember the emotional hug of Dan, Rupert, and Emma, the golden trio. But most of all, I remember JK’s beautiful words of wisdom and comfort: “The stories we love best do live in us forever. So, whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

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Starstruck at Book Expo America

My bosses decided to bring me to Book Expo America in New York because my job is to oversee our sales in the US. However, what they didn’t know was that I would turn into a massive fangirl as soon as I set foot on BEA’s fancy yellow carpets. It all started this morning, when I spotted Conan O’Brian sitting next to us at breakfast. The amount of celebrities I spotted throughout the day only went up from that point.

photo 5

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Lost in New York City

7 months ago, I was an unemployed graduate.

6 months ago, I got the job of my dreams.

5,5 months ago, my boss uttered the words “you’re coming to Book Expo America with us.”

5,5 months later, I’m sat in a fancy suite in a New York hotel wondering how I’ve ever gotten here.


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5 Movies to Rekindle Your Wanderlust

It’s that time of the year where your big summer trip is so close you can almost taste it, but not close enough for you to start packing your suitcase just yet. In these times of anxiety and need, I often find myself watching movies that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of vacation, nature, being on the road, and generally having fun in a new place. Here are my 5 favorite movies that never fail to rekindle my wanderlust.

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To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield


It was a particularly hot day at the end of May. We were nearing the end of the semester, and the entire lecture hall was craving an early end so we could go sit outside and enjoy a well-deserved ice cream. It was 3 in the afternoon and my head was buzzing with the heat and all the information on Alfred Tennyson that the professor was throwing in our faces. I didn’t care about poetry. I didn’t care about Tennyson. I didn’t care about how passionate my professor was about him. I just wanted the lecture to end and go outside and enjoy the last carefree days of the semester. And yet our professor rambled on for another full hour about Tennyson and his oh so famous poem Ulysses and how it still carries a universal message even though it is set during the Ancient Greek period. I really couldn’t care less.
You see, I always enjoyed my English literature lectures at university. One professor in particular was incredibly passionate about British literature and poetry after the 1800s, and he never failed to fascinate me. But poetry was never my forte. No, let me state it differently. I understood poetry and I could ramble on about oxymorons, parallels, and sonnets like my life depended on it (which was often the case during oral exams), I just never really got it. I didn’t understand how it moved people. It just seemed so incredibly corny. I love a good short story like Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery or a book secretly conveying great social commentary like Gulliver’s Travels (wait, no, scratch that – I never even made it through GT), but I didn’t love poetry. I didn’t care about Tennyson and his Ulysses at all. He was just a name in my English Lit notes. Until now.

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