Thursday Tips: 6 Favorite Hostels

I absolutely love staying at hostels, but finding the right one can be quite a hassle. How do you know which ones will be über nice and which ones will have ants crawling into bed with you? I usually rely on Hostelworld’s elaborate feedback and ratings system to distinguish the good hostels from the bad, noisy ones, but unfortunately that strategy has failed me more than once. So to save you the hassle, here are the 6 best/most fun/coolest hostels I’ve ever stayed at.

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The Bare Essentials: 5 unmissable backpacking items

Packing efficiently is an art that I have yet to master – I somehow always manage to forget my toothbrush. However, over the years of traveling and trial and error, I do have a list of essentials that I always carry with me whenever I go on a trip, whether it’s a two-day city trip or a two-month backpacking trip. Lo and behold, my bare essentials.

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