Oui oui, Beyoncé à Paris

Paris, hon hon hon!

As my summer has been relatively boring on the level of globetrotting, I’ve settled for a few rather exciting weekend trips within Europe this month. First up: Paris! But not just any boring old trip to Paris. No no no, my dear friends and I are heading to the city of love for On The Run, one of the two only concerts that Mr. & Mrs. President of the World aka Beyoncé and Jay Z are doing in Europe.

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Unexpected changes

There are certain facts in life that are irrefutable and unchanging. Gravity. The speed of light. Brad Pitt’s timeless beauty. The fact that I hate Coldplay’s music with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

I really tried. I went to see them when they were performing at a festival, but I ran away screaming after one song. I tried to catch on to the Viva La Vida hype during the summer of 2008, but the excessive bell-tolling in that song still gives me the creeps.

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Words to live by

We all need a little motivation from time to time. I’m a sucker for inspirational quotes, but not the girly Tumblr kind of “every day is a second chance” thing. Give me a good quote from Parks & Recreation or Kanye West and I’m on my way to world domination. Here are a few that have done the trick for me lately.

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Festival memories: Sziget, Island of Freedom (Budapest)

Ahhh Sziget. Sziget, Sziget, Sziget. How do I begin to proclaim my love for you? If you’re a festival and/or music fanatic like me, then Sziget should be on top of your bucket list. If you like stumbling upon random crazy people, ending up in the craziest parties, and generally like having a good time, then you should go as well. Hell, everyone should go to Sziget and learn the true meaning of happiness.


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