Oui oui, Beyoncé à Paris

Paris, hon hon hon!

As my summer has been relatively boring on the level of globetrotting, I’ve settled for a few rather exciting weekend trips within Europe this month. First up: Paris! But not just any boring old trip to Paris. No no no, my dear friends and I are heading to the city of love for On The Run, one of the two only concerts that Mr. & Mrs. President of the World aka Beyoncé and Jay Z are doing in Europe.

It’s not exactly a secret that I’m a huge fan of Beyoncé’s banging tunes, fierce feminist attitude, and flawless outfits, nor that I am a loyal follower of Jay Z aka Hova’s insane musical ventures. I’ve seen both of them perform insane concerts individually, but when word came out that the world’s most exciting and inspiring power couple was to set foot on European soil to perform an exclusive concert together, there was no question as to whether I’d be attending. So I convinced 4 dear friends to come with me for an evening of musical indulgence.

As it fits true European jet-setters, this Saturday morning we are hopping on a high-speed train that will take us to the capital of fashion in less than 1,5 hour. We’ve all been to Paris many times already, so we’ll just be relaxing and enjoy being away from home for a weekend, surrounded by obnoxious Parisians who avoid eye contact at all cost.

Aside from getting prepped and donning ourselves in the most fabulous outfits possible for the actual concert, our weekend will most likely consist of binging on Sephora (there’s a sad and severe lack of those in Belgium), macarons, baguettes, and cheese. I keep telling myself I won’t shop, but I’m sure those good intentions won’t stand a chance once I set foot on the impressive, littered-with-clothing-stores Champs-Elysées (look at me, I’m a Belgian, I know how to place my accents correctly!).

In the meantime, I’ll just keep watching the video below and prepare myself for the holy and magical vision of Bey and Jay united on stage, being worshipped by a soccer stadium filled with 80.000 adoring fans waving their hands, yelling “I woke up like this” at the top of their lungs.


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