Wish list: GoPro Hero3


I’ve always been a sucker for documenting my travels. I’m that shutterbug who returns from a three-week trip with 4000+ pictures and takes aaaages to edit them. In 2010, I bought my first DLSR camera and since then my lens collection has grown considerably. But now I’ve got my eyes set on a new gadget to add to my collection: GoPro Hero3. Because no matter how much I adore photography, nothing gets my nostalgia going like a good ol’ travel diary video.

When I traveled around Australia last year, one of my friends joined us for 1,5 week, and documented the entire thing through his GoPro. We thought it was terribly awkward, having a camera stuck to the dashboard of our car, being filmed while we were cycling or cooking, but when I saw the final version of the video, I was so so grateful that my friend badgered us with it. Having a video that documents the trip of your life is priceless. It makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Here’s the video:

But we are not alone. YouTube and Vimeo are packed with gorgeous, inspiring videos of people snorkelling, hanging out with wildlife, and doing all sorts of crazy daredevil stuff. When watching these videos, it’s hard not to want a GoPro yourself.

Keeping in mind that I’ll probably be traveling around the world sometime in the next few years, I am dying to get my hands on one of these magical electronic boxes. As soon as I arrive in New York in a few weeks, I’ll head straight for the nearest Best Buy and treat myself to spankin’ new GoPro Hero3.

But I’m curious: who else has converted to the GoPro religion? Any tips and tricks, dos and don’ts that I should keep in mind?


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